The excitement of sports lovers met no bounds when the 14th round of World Rally Championship 2022 was announced. 2022 WRC will be contested in the Middle East, Europe, Australia and both North and South America. This will actually be the 47th season international rallying of the highest class. Teams and crews will present themselves in a stiff competition for the drivers, manufacturers, and co-drivers. Teams and crews are free to get themselves involved in the competition to complete in cars abiding regulations of Group and World Rally Car.

The season will run for a period of 11 months starting right from January to November, comprising 16 events. The teams involved will compete on gravel, asphalt, snow, mud, and ice. Also, this will be done on forest tracks, mountain roads, and public highways. The one emerging the winner from each event that normally lasts for three days will spend up to even five hours competitively driving. And after all that, all these teams have eight weeks to completely recover before it is again started.

For decades ago, this has not been known not a betting sport, but then, in the past few years, there has been involvement of many bookmakers and it has now turned to be one of the regular item found on the sports betting menus.

Types of Event

Betting on WRCEven though these events are each unique and they normally take place in different world countries, they are grouped into three major groups. These are the fast gravel, asphalt and slow gravel. Many of the season’s rallies normally fall in the fast gravel group; these are done in forested areas. For the gravel, it is often smooth in a way and there is actually a certain level of disadvantage running first at the road path as first starters will tend to sweep the slippery top surface off to let the path have a grippier surface for the latecomers.

Events of slow gravel are best done in the Mediterranean nations. These events take place mainly on twisty mountain paths. The path here is normally somehow rougher that in loose rocks and forests.

Lastly, the asphalt rallies are normally preferably done on public roads and they usually need totally different styles of driving than those applied to gravel rallies.

Type of Bet

The unfortunate thing we are stating for readers is that the only available bets for this sports activity are a win and the each-way options and both of these are done on the title race and actually placement is done on individual rallies. These days, bookies have started offering mat bet options for individual drivers, but then, there is rare value found here. Among the sensible approaches to the individual matches is backing a leading contender. The prices of the leading contenders normally range about 6-1. To make an investment on the each-way option for a particular candidate at about 16-1 or even 14-1 to cover up the entire amount you would have staked for if the candidate makes the podium. You need to try out this.